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Asymmetric Spi ASY0 - 31 m²

Surface : 31 m2


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- Tri-radiale cut
- High tenacity Nylon 0.75 oz
- Sewing triple point with anti UV thread
- Tear drop corner reinforcement system
- Luff tensioner
- Leesh tensioner with cleat
- Stainless eyelet
- Spi sail bag

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- Luff : 8.70 m
- Leech : 0.00 m
- Foot : 4.60 m

- Sail's surface : 31 m²

Range of use for this spinnaker : :


Produced from a blend of traditional symmetrical spinnakers and close-hauled sails, the asymmetric spinnakers appeared with the very fast boats that had a very tight apparent wind . Then they have been adopted for cruising boats for ease in handling and great range. As its name indicates , the leech and the luff of the spinnaker are not the same size, as for symmetrical spinnakers. The asymmetric spinnakers are smaller than the symmetrical for a same boat.

The spinnaker's tack goes on the bowsprit or on the bow of the boat and the sheets will both go on the clew. We don't need another accessories to use it . The jibe , because of the lack of spinnaker pole is then simply as a conventional jib. Coupled with a spinnaker sleeve, to collapse the spinnaker will be easy without the risk of "fishing" or make a tear. The spinnaker is very fast both at broad reach, and beam reach. It does not go downwind because of the tight coverage of the mainsail. Its range of use varies between apparent wind of 80 ° and 155 °.

Finally , if you need to pick only one spinnaker onboard , this would be this one !

How to prepare to launch an asymetrical spinnaker :

Attach the spinnaker bag to the front balcony thanks of the karabiners.Attach three conrners (halyard, clew, Tack) very carefully, check the inscription on the spinnaker. Tack point will be attached to a carabiner in front of the forestay.Start with hoisting the sail with the halyard, make sure to sail the boat completely off wind so the main sail will cut the wind of the spinnaker. When the spi is totally hoisted, pull the clewsheet while sailing slightly upwind. To collapse: the easiest way to collapse is to put back the bag in the cockpit, ideally at the entrance of the cabin, then sail completely off wind, relase the tack point and pull directly on the clew sheet when the spi is behind the main, then release the halyard while taking the spi back in the bag. TIP:make sure to have the 3 corners visible on top of the bag when you de-rig the sheets and halyard.


Data sheet

8.70 m
0.00 m
4.60 m
31 m²

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